The hottest nail trends for 2016


From choosing the perfect prom night colour to nailing your mani at home, Gloria Rose Papasodaro-Mladenovska, trainer and esthetic expert for The Ten Spot, helps us stay in the know on the hottest nail trends of 2016.

Vervegirl: What colours will be popular this spring?

Gloria Rose Papasodaro-Mladenovska(GRPM): Choosing a colour is sometimes the hardest decision of the day. This year will see a lot of blush pinks and Tiffany greens. A soft purple-blue shade has also been popular at the spa. You also want to make sure you are finding the right colour for your skin tone. Darker skin tones can usually go for a bright red with a blue undertone. Olive skin tones can get away with a red polish with an orange undertone, or a peachy pink. Light Skin tones will want to go with a polish that won’t wash out your complexion like an icy frozen lavender.

VG: What about nail art?

GRPM: Nail art has been a growing trend in the last few years. You can see it at award shows and on runways. A big design this year is not having all the nails with the same design, but a different geo-inspired pattern on each finger. Another big trend is leaving a negative space on the nail. So, painting part of the nail, but leaving cut outs with just your natural nail color. The shape of your nails will play a big part in the prom/spring look. The newest shapes are stiletto and coffin nails.

VG: Any tips for teens who want to tackle their own prom mani?

GRPM: Doing your nails at home with friends is the perfect girl get together. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Start to hydrate your nails with cuticle oil in the weeks before prom so your nails can grow out and stay hydrated and flexible.

2. Decide what shape you prefer. Available options are square, rounded, squoval (in between square and rounded), stiletto, almond, or coffin shape. It’s best to file your nails in one direction so you avoid chipping of the nail.

3. Soak nails in water for three to five minutes if you’re planning to push back your cuticles.

4. Clean the nail plate free of debris and oils. You can use 70% alcohol or Acetone with a piece of gauze or cotton to wipe over the nails three times.

5. Start your polish job with a base coat to protect your nails from the pigment in the polish. Polish with two coats of your favorite nail polish. Then do one coat of topcoat. Don’t forget to cap the edges of your nail. This will help the polish last longer.

VG: What is gel or shellac? Is it safe for teens to use?

GRPM: The best polish for nails at such a young age is to go for a Shellac, gel or natural manicure. These polishes are less stressful and less damaging on the nails [than acrylic or gel tips]. Gel and Shellac polishes are basically the same idea, just different name brands of the polish. Both last 14 days. They also make the nails look more natural and realistic.

VG: What celeb nail styles are The Ten Spot’s customers coveting?

GRPM: Rihanna is a nail style icon. Her nails are always perfectly done to match her outfit or theme. She is daring and uses her nails as a major accessory to her outfit. Her nails are usually on the stiletto side, filed sharp to a point. She is not afraid of using multiple colours with oversized metals and jewels placed strategically on the nails.

VG: Any other thoughts and tips that you can offer our readers?

GRPM: Do your research on the style and design you want. There are many websites like Pinterest that can give you the latest fashion and instructions on how to get the perfect nail trend for prom. Also, when looking for a spa, be sure that the tools are metal and can be sanitized. Don’t be afraid to try on a few polish choices if you are unsure.

Originally published in Prom Canada magazine 2016.


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