How to pose for the perfect prom picture


Coca Rocha knows a thing or two about posing for the perfect picture. The 27-year-old, Canadian supermodel released a book called, Study of Pose, has appeared in the pages (and on the covers) of top fashion magazines, and is now your modeling mentor! Here Rocha talks striking a pose for an Instagram-able prom.

Vervegirl: How can you avoid looking too posed?

Coco Rocha: The main thing is to have fun with it. If you feel uncomfortable or like you’re forcing it, it’s going to come off that way. If my book, Study of Pose, proves anything its that there should not be just one “go-to” pose — there are 1,000 poses in there. Granted, not all are prom-worthy, but still, on Instagram we all know that person who always does the same exact pose or position for every picture. I call that ‘The Paris Hilton’. My advice is to change it up, try something new. It’s only a picture!

VG: Any tips for beginners when it comes to nailing the perfect pose?

CR: As with everything, practice makes perfect. Keep trying different things, take lots of pictures, and edit through them. Look through magazines and see what kind of poses appeal to you, or which feel natural to you as a person. Don’t force something if its not feeling normal to you.

VG: What is your prom fashion DO? And DON’T?

CR: DO dress in something that makes you happy and feel free. DON’T wear something you can’t dance in or you’re gonna worry about a wardrobe malfunction all night.

VG: Part of the fun of prom is snapping photos with friends. Do you have any tips for perfecting group shots?

CR: Honestly, I think girls today are all masters of the group selfie, but don’t be afraid to hand the camera to someone else—not everything has to be a selfie!

VG: Is there a way to ‘pose’ for candid shots without looking like you are?

CR: People either over think or under think what they are doing with their hands in “candid shots” and that’s what throws it off. You don’t always have to have one hand on your waist. Loosen up those limbs!


Prom is one of those memorable moments in your life that is worthy of major posting. Guarantee a top-notch feed with these pic ideas. We’re ready to hit that ‘like’ button!

  • Don’t hold out for #manimonday! Match your digits to your dress and post that strong nail game.
  • Who doesn’t love a good #behindthescenes, sneak peek? Pose with friends and give a glimpse of your pre-prom #glamsquad.
  • We are all guilty of Instagraming A LOT! Who cares? Break down your look and give your fans what they want. #shoefie #hairfie #promfie
  • The Class of 2016 needs pic props! We’re talking photo-booth-worthy #promqueen signs and king crowns, faux diplomas, cheerleading pom poms in your school colours…you get the idea.
  • One word: video! We love this up-to-the-minute Instagram feature to capture your not-to-be-missed dance party. #backupdancer4real

Written by Heidi Hofstad. Originally published in Prom Canada magazine 2016.

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