How to battle sensitive skin just in time for prom

Combating sensitive problem skin can be a pain. We chatted with Charmaine Cooper, education manager for Dermalogica Canada, to learn more about how to tame dry, red skin.


Vervegirl: What advice do you have for teens with sensitive skin?

Charmaine: For sensitive skin on prom night, we suggest that teens turn down the levels of redness. When it comes to skincare products for teens, they’ve got to be simple and they’ve got to work fast. I’d recommend a cooling, calming mask and then finishing off with something that will hydrate your skin without inflaming it. It’s all about controlling the oil, controlling the inflammation and keeping that skin hydrated.

VG: Are there certain cosmetics or beauty products teens with sensitive skin should steer clear of?

CC: It’s always a good idea to stay away from pore-clogging makeup, so ingredients like artificial colours are a big culprit when it comes to breakouts. Also, avoid anything with a mineral oil – that’s a huge culprit too. What teens should remember is that with any makeup, it’s best to have a really great makeup-removing product to go along with it. It will really help to cleanse their skin properly.

VG: We’ve heard that what you eat can affect the condition of skin. Is this true?

CC: You are what you eat, and that’s very true when it comes to skin. Teens are already predisposed to higher testosterone levels, so consuming a diet with increased levels can perpetuate the flow of extra oil, a thicker stickier type of oil, which breeds bacteria that can cause even stronger breakouts. We recommend that they stay away from dairy products, because they have a lot of hormones. Next up is sugar. Sugar sends surges of insulin in the body, which stimulates more oil production in your skin.

VG: Every teen has already, or will experience that last-minute pimple. How should teens deal with it?

CC: DO NOT SQUEEZE IT! Try to resist the urge to pop it or pick pimples. It will just make it worse. In fact you can actually spread the bacteria underneath the skin, and that can cause neighboring breakouts in the next day or two. What you want to do is spot treat it. Use ingredients like salicylic acid, which are antiinflammatory, and then cover it up with makeup (since it is prom night). Put the treatment on first, so that it will act like a barrier between the breakout and your makeup.

Written by Angela Rotundo. Originally published in Prom Canada magazine 2016.

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